How to become a Visual Effects Artist

How to become a Visual Effects Artist
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What is a Visual Effects? And What does a Visual Effects Artist Do?

Have you ever thought about how realistic effects are made in films? Like gag flashes, firearm shots, fake blood, building annihilation, and so on.? They are all done by visual effect artist (visual impacts illustrator). Visual effects (to put it plainly, “VFX”) is when 3D components, stock components, impacts are added to a cutting edge footage to “offer the shot”. The visual effects industry has been becoming throughout the years. Is it accurate to say that you are considering entering the business? How about we begin with how you can be a VFX artist.

Education, Training and Skill Requirements to Become a Visual Effects Artist

Degree or Diploma Course in Animation and Visual Effects(VFX) :

Students should have strong knowledge of standard VFX software tools of the industry, such as Houdini, Nuke, RenderMan, Adobe CS5, mental ray, and Autodesk Maya. Although a degree is not necessarily required for jobs in this field, a bachelor’s degree or a diploma program in animation or VFX(Visual Effects) can help signify qualification to work as a visual effects artist. Associate’s, bachelor’s, and graduate degree programs and a dual diploma course in 3D for VFX and VFX for Filmsare available in relevant fields of study, including computer animation and visual effects.

Experience :-

The creation of computer-generated animation in the scientific research and design is expected to add opportunities for visual effects artists.Workshops, classes, internships and/or apprenticeships benefit professional advancement.

Some professionals in this field may gain knowledge by contributing to the completion of a major media project.

Key Skills :-

Artistic ability, creativity, manual dexterity, customer service, sales and marketing, and skills related to specific medium such as computer graphics, design software and/or video editing software, cameras, or lenses are the key skills required to become a VFX artist.

Visual Effects Artist Job Description :-

Visual effects artists create imagery that is either impractical or impossible to film. The majority of this work is currently done via computer; other kinds of effects are now largely relegated to niche and specialty situations. According to The Wall Street Journal, visual effects artists are responsible for creating special effects using computerized technology.(

Visual effects artists are in charge of a great part of the post-production work in the TV and film industry. The Visual effects artists guarantees that every single visual impact are woven together seamlessly. Visual effects artists are turning out to be more particular as the film and TV commercial enterprises grasp the most up to date in innovation.

VFX artists have to work on tight deadlines due to movie release dates and other constraints related to working in the film industry. The job usually involves regular follow ups from clients,supervisors and may not allow for the possibility of much personalized input.Some professionals in this field may gain satisfaction in knowing that their work contributed to the completion of a major media project.

The Hours :-

Working hours for a VFX artist are generally 9-10 hours per day.Deadlines are high-pressure and rarely flexible. Many artists say they work through the night to deliver a project on time.

Artists and supervisors employed by post-production companies are usually on the payroll and receive health care and retirement benefits. Free-lancers can receive insurance via the Visual Effects Society, an industry association. Because of the late-night work required, meals are often billed to clients. Travel is also a regular part of the job. And in some cases, artists can see movies before they are released to the public.(Source:Wall Street Journal)

Salary :-

For freshers salaries are in the range of 8-15K.Working in bigger companies like Pixar, Buena Vista International India, Cartoon Network (India), Disney India, Technicolour, Rythm and Hues, one can draw huge amount of monthly package.

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Written by Avantika Bade on January 22nd, 2016

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