Diploma in Animation: Why is Animation a Good Career Option?

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Animation, can be defined as a skill that brings life to images. A person having blend of entertainment industry and technology, thorough knowledge of production and knowledge of creating engaging multimedia clips can make a good and lucrative career in animation.Students always doubt their career path once they are done with diploma in animation.This article will throw light on different career options after you complete diploma in animation.

Jobs in Animation

Indian companies are active in 2D animation,3D animation, games as well as stop–motion animation such as clay animation. The gaming industry is one of the high paying employers in animation sector. Though entertainment is main focused area of this profession, the need of animation is also increasing in other areas such as business, sales, engineering,

Animators also play major role in CD-Rom production, graphics designing and 3-D Modeling.

Salaries in Animation Field

Animator having 4+ experience,plus having a good portfolio of animation and studio work can earn more than 60,000 per month.

It is observed that many US and European studios are outsourcing work to Indian companies.

Film makers in india are coming up with movies having visual effects.Many big production banners are investing in animated movies.Thus making future of animation bright in India.

Written by Sagar on May 6th, 2015

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