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For someone who is into 3D animation and is determined to learn animation and similar tactics, a software is something that is a must to have. For someone who can’t get along well with paid software, the free and the downloaded ones do no harm. Our firm has been dealing with 3D animation and the tools for the same, and hence, we are recommending a few in this informative article. Our 3D animation institute in Pune has raised to new levels ever since VFX, and all have been coming down to their terms. Here are certain top 5 tools that’ll surely help the beginners out-

  1. BLENDER This is the top ranking software that is available for the beginners who are so much into 3D and animations that this software has been taking the learners on to a new ride altogether.
  2. DAZ STUDIO– This is specialized for creating poses, figures and personified structures. When the artist needs to create figures and human-like postures, a different tool can be used. And this downloaded tool is of great help for those people who give personified look to things.
  3. SCULPTRIS– Sculpting is a bit different from the other tools that are available in this line of 3D animation. For the clan which is interested in sculpting in 3D world and animations, this is the tool.
  4. HOUDINI APPRENTICE: For the film industry and for the VFX for media and broadcasting purposes, this tool is the best. Even though all its trials and tools are not free, it is affordable for non-commercial projects.
  5.  VUE 11: This is the personal learning edition that has been given up only for the learners and the people who have started 3D animation and editing recently.
Written by Wasim Attar on August 9th, 2017

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