2016 Mobile App Development Trends

2016 Mobile App Development Trends
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Changing Trends in Mobile Application Development Industry

The world has seen cell phone industry develop rapidly. The popularity of this industry has soar and the reasons are numerous. It has surpassed human desires, and gave applications tending to practically every human need. It covers amusement, online networking, instant messages, wellbeing and so on. The main thrust behind the success of mobile development industry is a mobile application.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends

1. Rapid mobile App Development

The mobile application improvement/development is not constrained to general clients but rather has likewise achieved business and institutional clients. This developing industry has lured clients, as well as business aggregates.

Medicinal services, land, online networking, showcasing and numerous more imperative regions of human presence are being secured with mobile applications.

2. More Security

To provide safety and security to the mobile apps will be in priority work for all the developers in the coming years. As per the survey, in 2015, more than 75% of mobile apps got failed in the security test. App security will be considered as one of the most serious concerns in future.

3. Location Based Apps

GPS area has rapidly turned into a normal element. Globalization has changed the way we interact and what we expect for human availability and security. This makes a requirement for a more profound level of security satisfaction. Applications, for example, LoveisRespect, RAINN, Family Map, and Circle of 6 have found a business sector because of this developing need. These applications highlight situating and mapping of clients taking into account GPS area advances and give data, feelings of serenity. One can know precisely where the client depends on associating through this application, or people can discover their telephones on the off chance that they have lost it.

4. Cloud based Apps

Cloud computing has reached new heights in recent years. Although originally cloud computing was meant for internal use by telecommunications firms, it’s now become fast, easy, and inexpensive for large-scale enterprises, mom-and-pop shops, and even the private consumer to make use of the cloud. From simple cloud storage and sharing solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive to full-service cloud management software suites like the Oracle Cloud, there’s no shortage of tools on the market to help businesses access and manipulate data remotely.

5. Focus on Payment and M Commerce Apps

As of now, 20 to 25% of offers are obtained through a cell phone or tablet. While it is turning out to be more regular to pay through a cell telephone, future versatile application patterns will concentrate on creating applications that make this considerably more available than it as of now is, leaving cash and charge cards in the dust..

6. IoT (Internet of Things) and Mobile App Integration

The IoT is set to push mobile app development to a different level. These are still the early days for IoT, but the innovations involved considerably increase the scope of mobile app development related to it.

Wearable tech devices, such as Google Glass and iWatch, have shown that IoT will open up greater opportunities to include advanced features in mobile apps, going ahead. For example, there is currently a concept of a smart car that will require a connection to traffic signals through some application systems. The sensor of the signal will provide traffic directions or alternate route directions, accident alerts, weather conditions, and so on. All this emphasizes the fact that mobile app development is going to be at the heart of IoT.

Some Other App Trends

  • Use of App Analytics and Big Data
  • Focus on UX
  • In-app Purchasing and Advertisement
  • App Marketing
  • Platform based Apps
  • HTML 5
  • Smart Cities, Homes and Offices

As technology grows further, the mobile app development trends will change accordingly. Today, the apps are a part of a user’s life and to provide an app with all the features the user want will be the main focus point for all the developers. Let’s hope, the above trends are going to make some positive changes in the world to come!

We hope that the above listed popular mobile app development trends will prove to be useful to you and your business in 2016.To get with the trends, it is important to learn latest mobile app development technologies.

Written by Avantika Bade on March 16th, 2016

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