Digital Doubles – A New Trend in VFX Industry

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The concept of Digital Doubles was popular in Hollywood, but with the release of Logan, most of the viewers have witnessed the digital doubles in the right manner in this film. The viewers can witness the work of the avatars in a very short role and even the avatars are not having enough dialogues. Yet, the directors of this film have made the storyline in such a manner that these digital double avatars can perfectly describe the story.

In the movie, it is really showing that how the digital actors have brought life and they seem to be real. Through this technology, the VFX industry is doing a lot of change and the way of watching these movies are also changing.

More about the Digital Doublesg It is considered as the technological miracle of sorts- the actors are performing even staying in the grave. You may think how you will do it. Some think it to be the double take, whereas, in the original term, it is the digital doubles, which is quite popular these days and used in the movies, commercials, TV shows and lots more.

You know that the two movies, the “Star Wars” and the “Rogue One” were hit at the box office. Both the movies have the exciting storyline, popular actors along with the thrilling effects. These movies, also include the actors who have been dead for 20 years. Do you want an example- the British actor Peter Cushing played the role of Grand MoffTarkin, even he passed in the year 1994.

Now, the question is- how the directors of the film have done it. Now, have a look at the process how it was done. Actor Guy Henry has performed the first new scenes, and then the special engineers replace the face of the actor with Peter Cushing. Now, people may think that how the computer knows exactly how Peter Cushing face look, even to the smallest detail in the face. This is the magic done by Paul Debevec.

The mechanism


Debevec invented the Light stage that is located in the office at the Institute for Creative Technologies. The lightest stage is surrounded by 10.000 Led lights. The subject is then photographed with the help of 20 DLSR cameras that help in producing HD photos from various angles to reconstruct the 3-D model of the particular face that you want.


There were hundreds of actors who have stood in the particular spot that to be scanned in various movies including Brad Pitt, Duane Johnson, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. Once the actor is scanned in the Light stage, the engineers can insert the digital photos in the scenes, even when the actor is not available, or much younger or older or even dead.

This is the reason why Paul Walker was being able to appear in the Fast & Furious 7. While implementing this technique in the movies, the plan should be made for years. The right implementation and use of the pictures can be done in an effective way to get the best results.

Written by Priyank Parekh on September 20th, 2017

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