Different Types of Interview

Different Types of Interview
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As a job seeker in VFX or any related field in media and design, you can expect to have a number of interviews before getting a job offer. Not all of these interviews will be the traditional kind, where you meet the interviewer one-on-one for a discussion.

Interview is a job selection process used by potential employers, and recruiters, to evaluate the suitability of a job applicant to fill an opening in an organization.

Regardless the type of interview, your goal is to always come across as the best candidate. Knowing in advance which format you’ll be facing can help you prepare effectively.

Different Types of Interview

There are many different types of interviews. Be prepared for phone interviews, screening interview and selection interviews.

1. Phone Interview: Interviews are done by phone.

2. One-on-One Interviews: This is the most common interview method. Also called as face-to-face.

3. Panel Interviews: Sometimes the employer will have a “selection committee” in which you will be interviewed by several people at the same time

4. Serial Interviews: In a serial interview you will meet with several people throughout the day, usually back-to-back.

5. Group Interviews: Group interview, which is the opposite of a panel interview.

6. Screening Interview: A screening interview is a brief question and answer session, typically conducted in a relatively informal manner.

7. Work Sample Interview: Allows you to show tests of work you’ve done or exhibit your aptitudes. Might be a presentation of your portfolio or a show of your abilities.

8. Video Conference Interview: Uses advancement for a “person to person” interview/meeting by video. Video Conference Interviews are common and save the employer time.

9. Luncheon Interview: Interview conducted in restaurant and hotel to understand you how to handle or carry yourself in any social situation.

10. Stress Interview: Stress Interview are commonly conducted by panels or professional team and test how you will handle your stress on the job difficult situations.

As a fresher, to brush up your personality you may join a course in personality development that will gain confidence in communicating and presenting in English, and you can use this new enhanced skill of communication and presentation to impress there way through an interview or any conversation.

From the screening interview to the final interview, you’ll need to come across as confident and upbeat. Having an understanding of each interview format helps. You’ll know what to watch for and how best to get yourself ready.

Being yourself each time you’re interviewed makes for a consistent impression. The employer then begins to trust you and feel more comfortable. And you will naturally be at your best no matter what kind of interview they throw your way.

Written by Avantika Bade on March 18th, 2016

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