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Animation Showreel Tips
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We all know how terrifying it is sometimes to show your work to companies, especially if you want to join that particular place with all your heart.

How to Make an Animation Showreel

Showreels are a representation of your work and usually they are very close to you as they contain years of hard work.
Being rejected after showing your showreel makes you go through horrible emotions. So lets get down to business and get some nice tips to make sure your work gets to the right places of your inteviewer head and possibly their hearts.

Lets start then shall we?

1. Do Cuts without a heart :-

Be rutheless while making your showreel and do not get attached to work that does not portray your skills and techniques. No one is waiting to see everything you can do. Put your best work so as to impress.

2. Make it short :-

Be considerate and understand that studios receive numerous showreels and have very less time to look at everyone’s work. So be smart and make a short film and they will watch the whole thing.

3. Start with a bang and end also with a bang :-

When you start, start with your best so that you can also talk about it with your heart’s content. But keep this in mind that you would want to end well also to leave a wonderful impression of your work on the people you are showcasing it to.

4. Think of it as a product your selling :-

Keep this thought in mind that you are selling yourself and as you know that someone would not buy anything that they would not benefit from.

5. Make your reel as per the requirements and vacancy :-

Do make it a point to put material that showcases you are suitable and presenting work that is for the post that they have put up.

6. Make sure you show them what your role is :-

In many cases observed in interviews, people come with group projects and films. It is very confusing sometimes to understand what you have actually done in the film or shot. So to make them understand better make a PDF or PPT explaning what you did and presenting the shots you worked in.

7. Procedures :-

Show the way you did it and what kinds of techniques you used. Explaning it makes a good impression on the interviewers as it gives them a first hand idea of what your actually capable of.

8. Don’t be very Flashy with your originality :-

Be very simple and make your showreel also that way so that it shows techniques more than originality. This is because companies want to know what you can do for them. You will get a lot of chances to show your skills once your hired.

9. Have good Communication skills :-

Be confident when you talk about your showreel as sometimes you will be called to present your work.

10. Things to avoid :-

The main thing to avoid is making showreels which have cliche work in them. This would be work related to spaceships,short love clips and other things that are very mainstream. Avoid things like that and just take a smiple concept, easy to understand and put in all your skills.

A great tutor or an esteemed institute will guide you better in making an amazing showreel.Now that you have idea and received some effective showreel tips,Go Ahead impress some people.

Written by Avantika Bade on February 18th, 2016

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