Android Vs iOS : Which Platform to Choose for Your App?

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If you’re looking to build an app for the first time, you may be thinking about the most suitable platform you should build your app on first- iOS or Android.It is always best to build an app on one platform, get feedback, iterate, test, and improve. Read some information on the pros and cons of each platform and information on when it’s best to build your first mobile app.

Android, being an open source OS, it has acquired a global user base. It has an 85% market share of the world’s mobile devices.The Google play store has fairly leninet restrictions on app submissions.

Disadvantages of Android
When you build an Android app you need to test it on several different devices to ensure that there won’t be dependencies issues between different versions. There are also some development difficulties.

Building Your First iOS App

If you are targeting American consumers iOS first is the way to go. iOS is also the best choice for your first platform if your business model relies on things like in-app purchases. iOS apps generate up to four times as much revenue per-user than their Android counterparts. Stability is also a crucial aspect that iOS has over Android.

You need to be very carefl when designing an app for iOS. Making sure the design of your app looks top-notch is crucial. iOS users have a high expectation for the look and feel of the apps they use.

Building Your App on both Android and iOS

Situations like building app on both iOS and Android occurs a lot when building enterprise software. A business owner or corporate board looking at your app will want it to work on all the mobile devices they use. Any app engages a huge network of users, such as a ticketing app, needs to be cross-platform to ensure you are not missing out on a major user base.

Written by Sagar on July 22nd, 2015

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