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Walt Disney has been a huge part of my artistic life, i.e. whatever little artistic part I have. However enjoying cartoons as an entertainment has been a part of my life, and I greatly admire Walt Disney for his creative genius. Mickey Mouse, Snowwhite & Seven Dwarfs & Peter Pan are all time favorites to many like me.

 His work not only carries the aesthetic beauty but it also invokes great emotion too. It just amazes me how anybody could be so good at the art & build it up as a successful business. Walt Disney’s ability to connect his innovative creativity with successful business strategy & popular appeal certainly qualifies him as genius in the field of entertainment. Walt Disney’s chosen medium of expression, the animated films characterizes the fundamental process of putting into physical existence what the mind creates in imagination & offering it as an experience that influences others in a positive ways.

Walt Disney showed a lot of interest in drawing & art since childhood. By the time he was seven he was actively selling his drawing to his neighbors to make some pocket money. An interesting episode about his creativity that I read about is when Walt Disney was in school & was given an assignment to draw flowers, he not only drew the flowers but added smiling faces to them as though the flowers were smiling, and such was his imagination. Though this act did not go well with his teacher, one can just notice the creative genius who could think beyond & give life to pictures.

When Walt Disney was still an infant his family moved from Chicago to a farm in Marceline Missouri, about 100 miles east of Kansas city. Farm life was hard on the young lad & he had chores to do. After the chores were done he would just lie down on the grass & gaze up the beautiful sky or watch the butterflies & the insects, the memories of which he treasured all his life. His love for nature has been depicted many of his creations of his later life.

Written by Sagar on January 8th, 2015

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