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This intensive program trains the student to get ready with the future techniques and technology needed in the Web and Graphic industry. The student will learn the entire process for designing a website right from the aesthetics skills needed in the graphic design industry for planning a wire frame to the actual working website.

A premier New Media school by one f the leading VFX Studios in the world, ANIBRAIN. Learn from the stalwarts in the VFX industry.

  • Get Placed within 6 months - work as a web and graphic designer.
  • Get hands on training on latest web and graphics software.
  • Comprehensive and well structured curriculum.
  • Assignment based training.
  • Internships with top web & graphic designing companies.
  • Experience the best web and graphics design training in India.

Anibrain VFX, founded by Jesh Krishna Murthy in the year 2006, is one of the leading high end VFX & Animation studios in the Asia. Tucked away in the quaint locales of Pune, India, about 150 Kms from Mumbai, the Studio is driven by a team of passionate, dedicated and skilled professionals who specialise in delivering world class quality to the best of Hollywood. Our movies include movies like Harry Potter, Ghost Rider, The 3 musketeers, Resident Evil, Salt, Invictus, Cats & Dogs, Red Cliff and Death Race.

Diploma in VFX & animation (3D for VFX)
2018 Admissions Open!
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