Animation Workshop for Kids by Mocomi.

We Bring Animation Workshop to Your Schools and Cities.

Every child loves a blank canvas, a white piece of paper where they can color in their thoughts and feelings. It is an invitation to let their imagination run wild and to bring forth various characters and creatures that live in their dreams, to tell stories they’ve imagined. When they can bring those characters and stories to life and make their own cartoons and animations, only the sky is the limit.
Animation Workshop
If you’re inspired by animation like The Simpsons or 3D animations like Toy Story then this is the course for you!

kids are introduced to the art of character animation. We cover principles of animation and how they apply to today’s computer animation. Kids will be introduced to use 3D Maya—industry standard software for modeling and animation—applying these same principles to their own work. Kids are instructed in classic animation exercises, such as pitching a ball and swinging a hammer to learn squash and stretch, weight and muscle tension, overlapping action, anticipation, and follow-through.

  • Learning how to apply principles of animation in 2d and 3d animation and in core concepts of drawing story telling.
  • Visual communication.
  • Cognition, emotional, ethic and aesthetic aspects.
  • Observation and sensory aspects.
  • Concentration.

The skills taught in the workshop have numerous real world applications including creating world-class presentations for all subjects such as bring science experiments to live through animation.

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