Pakistan gets its First Comic Super hero

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The country that has more often than not been making headlines for all the wrong reasons has some reason to cheer. A few young artists from Pakistan are harnessing the power of their art to help reposition the domestic narrative and provide positive role models in a country severely lacking in them.

Among those leading the charge is ‘Pakistan Man’ – the self-proclaimed Pakistani superhero. With a handle bar moustache popular with the land-owning classes and kitted out in the dark green of the national colours, the crime fighter is set on the path of heroism after the brutal murder of his parents. Assisted by his mentor, Sultan Rahi, the character comes to assume superhuman abilities from a mystical power. Once he is fully trained and ready, Pakistan Man emerges from the wilderness as a champion against tyranny to fight against villains like ‘The Corrupter’ and ‘The Banner’, an evildoer intent on upholding the country’s infamous restrictions on YouTube. Read more here

Written by Sagar on July 22nd, 2015

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