Animation Workshop for Kids by Mocomi.

We Bring Animation Workshop to Your Schools and Cities.

Every child loves a blank canvas, a white piece of paper where they can color in their thoughts and feelings. It is an invitation to let their imagination run wild and to bring forth various characters and creatures that live in their dreams, to tell stories they’ve imagined. When they can bring those characters and stories to life and make their own cartoons and animations, only the sky is the limit.
Gaming Workshop
Introduce kids to game design concepts, emphasizing the basic tools of game design, game development and user testing.

The gaming course for kids will teach kids to create their own 2D and 3D game, in process they will learn to have fun, mixing their creativity with maths logic for creating an exciting and dynamic game. Students will be introduced to a variety of game design concepts including level construction, character design, and gameplay mechanics.

  • 3D Game Design Concepts.
  • Kids will master advanced 3D game design skills.
  • Kids will apply concepts from both courses, including advanced scripting and programming, to gain control of their games functionality.
  • Problem-solving and innovative aspects.

Kids interested in games - video or computer games and curious about their working may enjoy attending a game design workshop.

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